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So we jump in another hire car and drive to Hanalei Bay...

And this was weird, but wonderful! One house was full so she...

...clue on the front door with directions to call her! Plus it...

Drop our bags and walk 60 seconds to the beach to watch...


Still amazed at our luck!

...and then we find the best restaurant ever, so we eat there...

...and most importantly, Banana cream pie!

Next day we head up to Hawaii's version of the Grand Canyon!

...he couldn't quite wait!

Really gorgeous, and the drive up was spectacular too.

Some waterfall!

Driving back into town...well the beach/sleepy town!

I pop to the shops, while Paul surfs, and make some cool...

Surfer Boy!

Paul was raving about this little kid, reckons he's going to be...

Our house!

Gorgeous local church

Well Paul and I have lucked out because we've found this awesome place to stay in Hanalei Bay, it's such a beautiful island, very lush, and well we're staying put for 3 nights here before hitting northshore (and thankfully the surf competition hasn't started yet due to too much wind!)...catch you later xxx

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