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Bamboo ladder

House boat


A monk dwelling

Monk robes

Friendly chit chat

Novice monks

Another nice window


View from rooftop of our guesthouse

Her observations:

Whenever we ride into a town known to be popular with tourists, we instantly salivate at the thought of some real, non-sweet coffees to be had. Battambang failed to leave us feeling satiated in that department. The town itself has very few businesses set up with tourists in mind, except for countless, cutthroat guesthouse operations and money exchangers/jewelry shops. Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting Cambodian town. It doesn't feel like Cambodia's second largest city, but than again we haven't seen Phnom Penh yet. As to the promise of best-preserved French period architecture I can't comment, as I don't know much about it - a lot of buildings looked as though they were recently built, with some notable exceptions.

We both enjoyed walking along the river amongst locals in late afternoon. Many people were doing their exercises, and hanging out with friends. We crossed a couple of bridges designed for cars and scooters, lacking a pedestrian lane - some fun times. Checking out the local monastery was a peaceful way of passing time, away from the chaotic traffic, food sellers and folks asking for money. There were many people, other than monks and nuns who were taking English classes there, mostly young.

His observations:

I don't know if I agree with that. I think it did look quite French (aren't baguettes French?).

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