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Crossing over the Tropic

Fish River Canyon


As the sun set

I am so excited, tonight is my last night in a tent, potentially for the rest of my life! I am considering very seriously the cerimonial burning of the sleeping bag and inflatable thermarest tomorrow when I get to Cape Town. The thermarest is virtually useless now anyway after I got a puncture a few days ago, attempted a repair but it only held for one night.

Oh and another nice little gift from Africa, in a range of nasty suprises it has thrown me....

While I was writing my last entry in Swakopmund I was getting the guy in the internet cafe to burn my photo memory card to CD which had all my photos from when I was at the Cheetah Park right through to sandboarding. To cut a very long story short he somehow managed to delete 400 of my 450 photos and then tried to tell me that there had only ever been 50 photos on the card. I was seething and trying my best to stay composed (to no avail). Then he had the audacity to try and charge me for the 50 photos he HAD put on CD (which were just all different angles of the same cheetah...sigh...)

THEN to make matters worse, I was looking through my iPod at the photos I had uploaded so far (that's usually what I do instead of putting them on CD but I hadn't done it with the lot the guys deleted...) and accidently deleted all the photos from the day I arrived in Africa right through to the end of my first week. I could not believe it. So I basically have a handful of photos left from the week I was sick and did nothing, at least I still have the ones I have uploaded here though!

I spent last night at Orange River after crossing the border from Namibia and heading in to South Africa. Had a fantastically lazy afternoon canoeing down the river before heading to the bar to celebrate the birthday of one of the guys I'm travelling with.

The day before I was at Fish River Canyon which is the 2nd largest canyon in the world (after the Grand Canyon) but is virtually dry at this time of year. There was an optional 86km hike but I opted OUT of that one!

I've got my last night on the road tonight (staying at a campsite with natural thermal pools, no less) before heading to Cape Town tomorrow and hanging out there for a few nights and going cage diving with great white sharks!!! I am SO excited about that, I can't wait!! I've been hanging out for that ever since I got to Africa!

No opportunity to add photos today but will probably add a few from my somewhat dimished collection when I get to Cape Town.


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