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Morning light gas station

Bottles of petrol

Can you count 6 of them?

Coconut panniers

Sweet coconut rice in bamboo tubes

Agnes checking out a big basket

Myles checking out a fizzy palm drink

Fizzy palm drink containers

Baby ducklings

Baby duckling herder

A nice window

Popsicle-eating daughter riding with her dad

She's checking us out

Filling up water tanks


Arrived in Battambang

Distance: 73.03km

Her thoughts:

We discovered Sisophon on our way out of town. We stopped for breakfast of rice and meat(?) near a local food market. It was a crazy scene - a mix of food sellers, scooters, bicycles, trucks and crowds of people, moving in all directions without hesitation. Everything and everyone was flowing together. The noise was something you could get used to if you sat there long enough, but could never fully tune out. We watched a man deliver a 3m long piece of ice as he made it slide across the ground beside our table. Another cut it into more manageable pieces with a saw. It happened very quickly and I was left staring at what was remaining of the ice in my water, contemplating its source. Once in a while I think about ice cubes, but after 8 months one tends to relax about such things.

We rode out of Sisphon feeling as though we were missing out on it. We got in late, and feeling tired, and not in the mood to explore it.

The ride was hot right from the start. We made frequent stops along the way. Our first stop was a busy little café. Every table was occupied, and we ended up sharing a table with a couple of guys. As soon as they left, a family of 5 showed up, and we moved a table over to let them sit together. It was a good move on our part. We ended up talking to a man, named Youra, about Cambodia both past and present. We gained some interesting insights into the Cambodian culture. After packing some meat for his dog, Youra took off for work. We exchanged contact information before parting. The coffee was good, and the company excellent. In fact the entire place had a great local feel to it, full of regulars.

On our way we passed many roadside petrol-selling stands, countless scooters carrying entire families, massive baskets woven out of bamboo, food stalls selling rice treats in bamboo tubes, cane juice stands, more wedding parties, large clay containers full of water, rice padi-fields, countless children on bicycles, guys selling fizzy palm wine from bamboo tubes, and millions of little ducklings (a rough estimate, but there were lots). We spend some time chatting with locals who followed us on their scooters, for no other reason than to practice their English.

Battambang has too many guesthouses. We ended up staying in a rooftop room for US$3. It was a clean and simple room, with a fan, and no bathroom. We had the view of the rooftops below. We shared the floor with the guesthouse restaurant, which offered a nice place to sit and relax. We were planning on taking it easy for a day, while checking out what the town of Battambang had to offer.

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