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Distance: 137.45km

She said:

It was not an easy day. I saw a dog get hit by a pickup, it died on impact, somewhat setting the tone for the rest of the ride. Myles warned me not to look, but of course I did. It was a hot day, and there was very little shade. The road was smooth and flat, while the scenery was not exactly eye-catching. We did see an elephant on the back of a truck, heading someplace. What stands out the most in my mind about the day are the countless rows of neatly planted, rubber trees, all yielding in unison to the wind.

We arrived in Sa Khao rather late. We were happy to find a clean and cheap place to spend the night.

He said:

Breakfast was nice, some rice, eggs, and eggplant with some chilies and fish sauce. Rather uninspiring yet perspiring riding in the hot sun that makes one feel like Calgary with -30 might be more enjoyable. I'm over that now. We met a German cyclist in Bangkok who told us about an espresso place along the way. We found 4 and tried the first two but I think it was the 3rd one that she meant. I am looking forward to the Poipet to Sisophon section tomorrow. This is what "Mr Pumpy" says about this section. Even though it's only a 45 km ride, you will be hot and dusty and looking for a shower by the time you reach Sisophon.

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