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Me outside Bayon Temple

One of the many faces of Bayom Temple

Outside Baphoun Temple, the one they are trying to rebuild

How are they going to get that jigsaw back together?

Terrace of the Elephants

Me trying to blend in with the people on the terrace!

Paul's first climb at Pimenkas (Royal Palace). I wasn't brave enough...

Well deserved break and coconut!

Ta Keo

Me at top of Ta Keo - very steep!

Taking a break on way back down, admiring views

Outside Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider town!)

One of the many trees taking over Ta Prohm!

Me trying to impersonate a Buddha

Approaching Angkor Wat

Inside Grounds of Angkor Wat

Views from top of Angkor Wat

Going to Siem Reap and not going to the temples of Angkor Wat would have been a crime so we had a little tuk tuk driver gives us a little tour. The temples of Angkor which was the capital of the ancient Khmer empire and different temples built from the 9-13th Century. The empire stretched between Burma and Vietnam and had over 1 million people there when London had a lowly 50,000. To see all the temples would have taken a lot longer than the one day we had, so our driver took us to the main one's starting at Bayon (many faces on it) and then to Baphoun which was being reconstructed as parts of it were taken apart by archaeologists but there records were destroyed in the civil war (like a massive jigsaw puzzle). Then to Pimeankas (the then Royal Palace) where Paul quickly ran up to the top but was a lot slower coming down. There were a lot of children selling little souvenirs which although can get a bit frustating being hounded all the time, you have to remember that there is no government support or social security for these children and are just doing what they can, trying to survive after the terrible things Pol Pot did. Off to the Terrace of Elephants/Leper King next, where processions were held in the olden days. Ta Keo and Ta Prohm were used in the Tomb Raider film and was awesome as there were actually huge trees that were growing over the stones of the Temples!!! Then onto Angkor Wat which is the largest religious building in the world and had a huge moat running around it's wall (which was more like a river to be honest!). It is breathtaking and does take a long time to see it all but we made it to the top where the views went on for miles. Paul took a photo for a couple of Aussie girls who were on a Aussie Tv Programme and hope his photo is shown and is discovered as a budding David Baily!!! Once you go up you must come down and the decent was very steep but luckliy had a hand rail for all the people coming down.

A night out in Siem Reap followed with happy hour cocktails and Shots before some real decent food in the many trendy little bars/restuarnts that Siem Reap has to offer and many had Xmas trees up which had forgotten that it is almost Xmas... oh my gosh!

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