Linda and Donal 2006 travel blog

So excited to be getting back in the water

...but it does seem strange that I am the only surfer out...

...and why is everyone staring out to sea....

.....ahh thats why! ok obviously we didnt take this picture but it...

Carols first surf lesson

First wave in

Now a bona fide surf chick!

After several weeks of fairly constant movement, we got to Byron Bay and rented a lovely apartment for three days. It was so nice to have a place to call home. On the cards for the couple of days was sun, relaxation and a bit of surfing.

The apartment was a 5 minute walk to town and about 15 to the beach. Luckily the weather was great so we had plenty of time to top up the tans. Both Carol and Linda got in surfing, the water was lovely and the swell perfect for learning or improving.

We had picked an unfortunate time of year to be on the East Coast, Schoolies week was on. This is a party week for school leavers, great if your 17 but not so great for others. To be fair, we had little exposure to them so it mattered little.

The other bit of excitement was that I surfed with a shark! The three of us got to the beach at mid-day and I decided to leave the girls to tan themselves while I caught some waves. There were a couple of body boarders but no other surfers in the water. I went out the back and caught a wave and then spent the next 15mins sitting on my board waiting for the next suitable wave to arrive. As a suitable one approached, I lined myself up for it and noticed that there was a lifeguard beckoning me from shore with her hands and blowing a whistle. I caught the wave in and fell off into water of about 2foot. Thinking I was in trouble of some sort I exited the water and asked the lifeguard what was the a calm, matter of fact way she told me that there was a shark spotted around me and they were in the process of clearing the beach! For the next 30 mins a zodiac boat was cruising the beach searching for the shark and no one was allowed in the water. I didn't get back into the water for the rest of the day as the swell subsided and there was nothing worth chasing, I think I would have been in a little trouble with Linda if I had gone back in!

After a couple of days at Byron Bay we got our short flight back to Sydney and the last section of our trip with Carol.

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