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Our travel agent lady and her strange doggie!

Kao San Road by Night

So back in Bangkok again. Staying in different place, bit cheaper and more basic to save the pennies. Only really wanted to stay 2-3 days purely to get our transport and visas sorted for Vietnam and Cambodia. We went back to our ever faithful travel agent, her office is literally about the size of a broom cupboard (CBBC style!), but she has been great to us. She has a very strange dog which has glaring green eyes and an overset jaw, other than that it is really cute! So we booked our flights to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Thursday am this week. And flight back from Ho Chi Min, Vietnam 9 days after that. 129quid in total so not bad, saves the very long bus journeys and means we have more time in the two countries! :O) Should mean around 3 days in each of the 3 places as follows: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap/Angkor Wat and Ho Chi Minh. Shame not got more time to do it all :O( Bit of a flying visit.... Just chilled down the Kao San Road tonight, couple of beers, watched a street footballer doing keepy-ups of all sorts for around 30mins non-stop.... was temtped to join in but didn't think he'd appreciate a British lass ruining his fun! Bit of shopping, few beers, nothing mad as got two trips coming up around Bangkok and early starts again....!

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