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Byron Coastal Walk.


It's mental to walk past the local wild life.


Coastal Walk

Byron Bay Main Beach

Think I might want to shed a few pounds!

Check me out hey! Not a bad pic.

After doing Noels Hair we went on the coastal walk right out to the point which is Australia's most Easterly point. It's a bit surreal to stand at that point and look back and know the whole of Oz is in front of you. We had a walk up to Cape Byron light House which also had some great views of the whole of Byron Bay. Impressive!

A story I forgot to tell was the one about the first day we were in the sea on Byrons main beach. Most of the surfs guys were on the beach. Mike and I were trying to catch a few waves into the beach and generally pissing around. Mike just caught one all the way into the beach. At that exactly point the lifeguards come running down the beach shouting EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER! EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER! Well one doesn't need much motivating after one has seen the film Jaws. I don't think I ever moved so fast in my life. If you'd have put me in a swimming pool I'm sure I would have smashed records. It took about 5 mins but eventually everyone was out. Of course it was 5 seconds for me to get out.

I spoke to the lifeguards once everyone was out he confirm it was a shark alert. There was an 8ft shark spotted by the patrol boat 100M of shore prowling the beach! NICE. The beach was closed for about 20 Mins until they were sure it had gone. Wasn't so keen about going in after that, but thought it would be rude not to!

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