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National Park next to Nimbin

And agian.

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Boys will be boys! That night Mike and I decided it was...

Today we did a day trip to Nimbin.. A small town about 45 mins from Byron. It's a hippy town that the cops turn a blind eye to. Mental. People walk up to you on the street offering you special cookies. Very special cookies. Very very special cookies........ :-)

We were on this proper chilled out bus with a hippy bus driver giving it the all about the government don't care about the people. And we should be against dig business. I couldn't get passed the fact that he had a mobile phone and a JBL sound system in the bus. So he was obviously well against big business!!!! But he was pretty cool.

Mike did he usual number on the woman that we bought the tickets from and we got one free. This boy is proving useful!

We went past a waterfall at the end. All in all night a bad day.

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