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Not a Whale in Sight

The Whale Crier was actually crying

Finally after a 30 min drive to DeKelders!

So then on to Hermanus reknowned for its whale viewing. The Southern Right Whales spend the months of August through November calving in the bays and inlets along the Western Cape and Hermanus is one of the prime viewing spots. It is the only place in the world that boasts its own "Whale Crier"

to alert visitors to the whereabouts of the whales.

I found Mr. Zolile Baleni with his sandwich board and kelp horn, but there where no whales. We had a nice chat about whale-crying which he has been doing for just about 6 months. This day, while they hadn't yet left for the season, the whales where elsewhere in the bay


I jumped in my rental car, the SS Encouragement, and took off down the coast to find them. Sure enough, about 30 minutes away in DeKelders, there were three of four whales lolling about out in the bay. I wasn't treated to any aquatic gymnastics, but they were just a few hundred feet off shore and rolling around in the bay - very nice!

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