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Another beauty of a sunset from the hostel Cardboard Box

Boarding the train...for a very long journey

Entering Walvis Bay


Lots of sand


Our babies for 3 hours!

At the back... but not for long




Sunset over Walvis Bay...and the flamingoes

Oh I forgot to mention in my Cape Town entry that I got my neck pierced again! One more to go!

Ok so I stayed at the Cardboard Box Hostel (no need to worry, although the taxi driver thought I was a bit strange!). On the Saturday night there was a whole group going to Joes Beerhouse, which sounded good to me so I tagged along. It was such a cool restaurant/pub with stuff absolutely everywhere. The walls were lined with jagermeister bottles aswell as the skulls and horns of various unfortunate animals, plus one of the tables had seat which were all toilets. Hmm!

That night I tried Kudu steak which was absolutely delicious. Thanks kudu.

That night I also met Antonia from Germany, and Justin and Matt from America. And that night we planned a trip together to see some more of Namibia.

So on the Sunday we opted for the 13 hour train ride over the 4 hour bus ride in the name of adventure and being poor backpackers. The train was so slow I could have walked faster, and stopped randomly along the way for intervals of about three hours for no apparent reason. Also random people hopped on and off our carriage while the train was still moving (thats how slow it was!) But they did play some alright film and we got a bit of shuteye so we cant complain. We arrived at Walvis Bay and walked around for an hour trying to find our chalet, it was cool although the place was very dead and quiet, so in order to spice things up we went quad biking in the desert. Wow what an experience. it was so much fun in the middle of absolutely nowhere razzing around, going down really steep sand dunes. That night we did our own braai (bbq!) and I made our famous burgers...mmm.

The next we decided to leave and got a taxi the short way to Swakopmund.

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