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ok this isnt us, but we still did this exact thing

i wish i could say i took this, but im not that...

Climbed that!

We did it!!!!! We have survived to tell the tale!!!

Wow that really was amazing and we picked the exact right day and exact right time to do it. Yesterday it was really cloudy and looked like the heavens were going to open at any minute so Steve and myself were really worried we were going ot have to go up in the rain! Do you know that they make you go up in all weathers, the only time they cancel is if there is an extreme electrical storm! mad australians.

so anyway we awoke this morning to a clear sky and scorching heat. 38 degrees apparently - of course the only thing to do when the weather is like that is head down to the outdoor pool, so off we dutifully trotted. Spent a lazy ( boiling) afternoon there and then at 4.30pm steve and i headed off ot the harbour. It had got cooler by then (only 32 degrees!) thank god! We had our climbing training, got into our minging grey jumpsuits (with no clothes on underneath i have to add - they told us to take them off as its too hot up there), attached our harnesses, hats and tied wet rags round our wrists to keep us cool! You will see from the photos how attractive we looked - NOT! the jumpsuit they gave me was miles too big and i had to pull it right up to stop the crotch dangling round my knees and roll the sleeves up. We looked ridiculous!

The climb was brilliant. 1,430 steps in total. you climb up the right hand side of the arch right to the summit where the flags are, then cross over the middle of the bridge and climb back down the other arch. It takes about 2 hours and is amazing. You can see for miles and its so much better than the Empire state building because you feel a part of the landscape. That sounds corny i know but you are protected by the building on the Empire State but here you were out in the wind, simply stood on a bit of wrought iron, hovering 50ft above the sea. I kept telling Steve to look down but he didnt like it! Its not exactly a quiet bridge either, the freeway underneath you has 8 lanes and takes 161,000 cars a day. Then theres the trains. Every 5mins the whole bridge shakes when the double decker trains go rumbling across - very scary when you are climbing the vertical ladders. We timed our climb perfectly though as when we were descending the other arch the sun was setting and we got to watch the sunset over sydney from the best viewpoint there is!!! the photos dont really show you how high we were or how amazing it was so you guys will have to use your imagination.

im going to sign off quickly now as i just wanted to let you all know that we were ok and that we had a fab time. We went out for a beautiful meal last night but i will let Em tell you all abou that on another entry. Sally is going tomorrow so i dont think she will get time to do her 'guest speaker' slot but Steve is going to send you all a quick message:

" my legs hurt!!!!!!!!!cant believe i had to drag vikki the whole way over the bridge!!! those jumpsuits were so flattering NOT, having a fantastic time here in Sydney. For those of those who are thinking 'mmmmmmmmm maybe i should go out there' JUST DO IT. its a once in a lifetime experience, although some of us have managed it more than once (havent we Emma and Sally). Only a couple of days left now, wish i could stay longer and see more of this country. Will log in and do an un-edited version at some point as vikki is watching over my shoulder as she has given me strict instructions not to swear and say anything naughty as she knows her Nan reads this journal!See you all soon - Steve"

Love to you all x

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