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Southern Alps still with snow.

Arthur's Pass showing NZ weather

Greymouth by the river

Christchurch has lots of bikeways, even through the middle of town. I did hire a bike and did a guided tour. Some consideration had to be given to cars as some of the bikeways are also with cars and trams. Luckily everybody missed me. So I've left the Rugby town where they seem to know nothing about cricket, basketball or rugby league.

Caught the train today to Greymouth. Very dull and rainy up the range that seperates east from west. Still snow on the mountains and the melt is keeping the rivers and hydro stations going. It is cold. There's expectations that Queenstown could have a flooding due the the amount of snow melting and continuing rain. Last flooded in the 1990s.

Haven't had a good look around the town yet, what I have seen is old, but not exactly charming. I think if I have to put up with being this cold and dull I might as well go to the glaciers and maybe the snowfields and get some purpose in being cold.

Seems like there's a whole bunch of yous out there virtually following me around. Just lucky it's not cold there. (I know, they tell me who's been watching!!!). You can drop me an email via the link on this diary.



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