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Springbok along the road

"Cold Beer" in click language - !KHAI-!KHARI-I

After a morning game drive in Etosha, we hit the road towards the coast. As it was Sunday, not much was open so we weren't able to stock up much on food. An English Couple in the Campsite had said Palmwag (Pa-lum-vag) was a great place to stop who were we to question and it was on the way to Skeleton Coast.

It turns out Palmwag is basically this one lodge - there is no town or community, but fortunately for us, the lodge happened to be part of the Wilderness Safaris network. Jenaya had volunteered at another location and someone she worked with happened to be visiting here. The result - STAFF PRICES!! Not that it would have been all that expensive anyway, but it was a nicer lodge and not a typical budget traveller hangout. The "Campsite" had its own bathroom, kitchen area and a sitting area - not too bad!

The highlight was the poolside bar with Rosa. We had plenty of practice learning to say "cold beer" in click language - !KHAI-!KHARI !

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