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The SS Encouragment adrift in Namibia

Welcome to Namibia!

It was a LONG slog - about 900 km - but I finally made it to Windhoek (Vind-hook)at about 6:00 that night. Southern Namibia just crossing the border seemed so desolate. It was like the landscape that was crumbling in SOuth Africa was actually turning to dust in Namibia. The two lane road was straight and long, and I drove for hours without having a car pass me or vice versa. (There were cars coming in the opposite direction) Just miles and mile of nothing between small towns (if I can call them that) until I arrive in the capital.

I must say I was incredible suprised to find Windhoek a kind of happening place. It was very modern compared to the nothing towns on the way, and had a few smallish skyscrapers giving it a bit of a skyline. The energy on the streets walking aournd was great and I found the backpackers (hostel) I was looking for within 5 minutes of arrival. Al the rooms were booked at "The Cardboard Box," but fortunately for me they had a small yard for camping. I pitched my tent and had two nice nights before heading out.

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