Linda and Donal 2006 travel blog

The magical Paronella Park

Etty bay

Goin Tropo

Lillian, Sam, Angela and Us

Cutting the sugar cane

Pineapple farm

Alf shaving some sugar cane for us to eat

Shooting watermelons on the farm!

Shooting watermelons on the farm!

Shooting watermelons on the farm!


Enjoying Alfs melons

Mrs Mangles Lamingtons

A Cassowary

Dunc Island


Enjoying a barbie!

We arrived in the beautiful little town Innisfail on Saturday evening. This town, which is of great significance to Carols family, was damaged badly by Cyclone Larry in the last year and it is inspiring to see the great strides that the community has made to get back to normality. We stayed with Carols families friends, Lillian and her daughters Becky and Lisa in the town. They made us feel so welcome and spent so much of their time showing us around the district and explaining its history. Lillians parents came over to meet us on our arrival and were so nice. Lillian and her parents are amongst the most sympathetic and caring people we've come across on this trip, they made our stay so easy and enjoyable.

We left Lillians home and made our way to Mission Beach to stay with more friends of Carols family, Alf & Jill and Maria Louise. Alf met us on the road and brought us on a trip to show us his farm. For the next couple of hours he drove us around while we were standing in the back of his yute and we were like children again. We got to go in a combine harvester collecting the cane, shot at watermelons (that was hilarious, we all missed), inspected fields of exotic fruit including pineapples, ate champagne watermellon (Alfs own and were gorgeous) and raw sugar cane straight from the ground. We were in a fit of the giggles by the end of it, great fun.

That evening we stayed at their lovely house looking over Mission Beach and spent some time cooling down in their pool. We went on a tour of the area with Jill and Maria Louise while Alf got the barbie going. Carol needed to see a Kangaroo so went to the likely first it wasn't looking good but in the end they came out to say hello. Our luck didn't stop there as a Cassowary came onto the road ahead of. These ostrich like birds were very common in the area prior to the cyclone but unfortunately their numbers dwindled significantly after the storm so we were very lucky to come across one.

When we got back we feasted on a meat rich bbq and were smothered with this families hospitality. We had a great time and left the next morning with a packed lunch for the road from Jill.

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