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morning campers! still no bags, no flight from joburg today may be tomorrow! next day leave for nz if no bags by the 11th plastic will be flexed. am sitting in quantus standard issue cotton shorts and tshirt in the main foyer of sydeny central yha hostel very attractive least i am washing my clothes washed some in the shower last night got a lot of strange looks, you wouldnt get that in africa mind you, you would a frog in the shower for company. I had to go to airport today to talk to someone as they had an industrial dispute on mon so you have to wait 4hrs on the phone sod that.they dunno where my bags are i know the idiot who checked me through at joburg has lost them as he had not a clue what he was doing re baggage transfer and took 10mins swearing at his computer before getting a colleage to help him idiot. aparently joburg is notoriously bad for loosing bags and they dont answer phones and the bags just randomly turn up. i insisted quantus telegramed joburg to give them a kick up the preverbial. sounds miserable but in fact quite chipper i still have more than most of my new african friends so thats a blessing. This morning a guy in the kitchen took pity on me and gave me 6 cans of beer and a pint of milk as he was leaving what a nice chap!! love you guys keep staying in touch love you s xxxxx ps they are playing "All i want for christmas is you" over the speaker system in the yha foyer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please shot me merry christmas in 2months time !!!!

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