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prayer flags outside monastery at Rumtek

Rumtek monastery

Monks at the monastery

Outside Rumtek

Candles for Kali Puja

A pandel, or temporary temple for Kali Puja, with the goddess inside.

Kali Puja celebrations, this is the goddess Kali stepping on Shiva, her...


Well I am fully recovered now. And yes, I know, I am trying to be careful!! Believe it or not, it is more difficult than it seems to be sure that things are safe to eat and drink here.... I am doing my best. Given the amount of stuff my stomach has been through during this research project, I am generally pretty immune to most troubles. I still believe it was bad food at the guest house, since it did taste pretty off, and according to my book on travel health, my symptoms were consistent with food poisoning. But the doctor latched onto the water hypothesis, so either way I am taking the medicine. So YES, I will be even more vigilent about the water.

That said, tomorrow I am leaving for Guwahati and then Shillong. I am putting some photos from Rumtek Monastery up here and during my two day trip in Gangtok before I got sick. At least the photos came out nicely.


I'll write more soon, hopefully next week when I return I'll have collected P. perpera, please wish me luck! It's pretty rare, so I can use all the good thoughts I can get.


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