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Shopping in small town Te Anau - small town New Zealand!

Changeable weather in NZ - it's sunny here but raining over there!

The main high street in Te Anau

Helen on the net - helping to get photos online!

Te Anau

The main bar in Te Anau - 'The Ranch'

Helen in The Ranch

Gareth in The Ranch - looking tired today!

The suburbs of Te Anau have an impressive backdrop!

Te Anau

HI folks!

So now we're in Te Anau for the next few days. Sometimes it's great to spend time somewhere. Four days is huge for a traveller. Our world record was 7 days in Auckland! Generally we stay somewhere for 1 or 2 nights. The fact is that there is too much to see not to stay. By moving on we generally see more of the country. It also means that it keeps our backpacks 'sharp'. Every time we go somewhere we have to continually go through our backpacks and reorganise and re-pack, so the more you stop the easier it is to keep account of everything.

Te Anau is very much like Wanaka. It's a small town with a couple of banks on a huge lake side. It has a sea plane and a heli pad, but that's very typical of the area as the roads and the distances used are dire. Everything is at least 3 hours away by car. Frankly, we are in the middle of nowhere! Te Anau today, however, is beautiful. The sun is out and we are seriously considering wearing shorts!

Now that we are here for a while, it's our chance to a) update the website and b) give serious attention to our next destination, Australia. It's very exciting.

With each country it's really important you form a strategy in how you tackle that country. You don't need to know where you are going (that is a decision you can only make with local knowledge), but you do need to know how.

Are there planes involved? What about buying or hiring a car? Trains? Where are you going to stay?

Then there is budgets etc. You need to work out what you can afford and what you cannot. It's all very good going out and blowing cash, but it's a long year and we need money when we get back to the UK. Getting into financial difficulties is not an option (well, not until near the end anyway!). Helen and Gareth are actually OK for cash at the moment, but definately will need to get a job by the time we get to Sydney. There is now doubt about that.

In terms of getting to Australia and Sydney, it's all paid for!

Here's the journey for the next few weeks:

Tuesday 16th Nov: Invercargill (Stray)

Wednesday 17th Nov: Dunedin (Stray)

Thursday 18th Nov: Christchurch (Staying probably at Stonehurst or Base - still to be booked)

Friday 19th Nov: Air New Zealand from Christchurch to Auckland, then transfer to Melbourne. Arrive Melbourne 6pm.

In Melbourne we'll be staying with friends of Helen's family for about 4 days, so that'll be great. We'll need to get tax numbers, visas sorted and Australian bank accounts sorted and it's good to know that we'll have a local there to help us!

It's also a great excuse to do some great sightseeing! Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan town and sounds great, nearby is also the 12 Apostles and Torquay! Much to look forward to!

We also have an Aussie friend in Melbourne (Aussie Pete!) who we met when he stayed in Penzance last year! We should be meeting up with him and he'll no doubt show us some of there finer waterholes!

From Melbourne we've booked a Virgin Blue (like Ryanair) flight to Sydney for Dec 1st. From there we're booked in at Maze Backpackers for 7 days.

...that gives us 7 days to get a flat and a job. eek. Bring it on!


Back to Te Anau! Everyone on the Stray bus left this morning! Helen and Gareth are the only people left in the whole of the holdiday park!! It's great! The nest bus is in 3 days, so lots of time to chill and have fun!

Cheers, Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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