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First week on the job with Lloyds and I'm off to visit the PLSC (one of our main sales locations) which is located in the far North East UK (includes towns such as Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland).

Due to my flights being booked at the last minute, they had to pay full price and this meant I had access to the British Airways Executive Lounge. While I wasn't too fussed whether I went in or not it was funny because it meant I had take my new boss (Lee) in as my guest as he doesn't have access. As it turns out this will be the first of many occassions where due to luck I seem to end up with extra things that should really go to the more senior person, luckily for me Lee is an easy going guy otherwise this could have become a source of discontent instead of a running joke.

The actual visit to the centre (PLSC) was very interesting and reinforced the fact that I had lots to learn but working with Lee was going to be fun.

In the evening we went out for dinner in Durham I quickly discovered two things: 1. North East UK is very cold and the wind blows through you like shards of ice, and 2. girls in the North East are completely oblivious to point 1, teeth are quite often optional and due to a gender imbalance they are not shy in coming forward. I hope Joycie Pang is missing me because I'm certainly missing her.

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