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Chris and Heather won a competion to go up in the sky...

Again... but this is extreme closeup!


PARABUNGY! Look closely and you can see the bungy cord and someone...

Gareth has another canoeing session with the ducks!

Gareth is the kayak king! (or not.)

Queenstown Park - next to the wharf.

Queenstown's park and wharf.

Queenstown centre


Gareth loves Queenstown!

The mall in Queenstown

One of the most fantastic sunsets we've ever seen - Queenstown.

Sun goes down in Queenstown

Hey everyone!

How's it going? Gareth is shattered from a marathan uploading session of photos... nerd! Helen meanwhile took charge of the linen situation as always!!

Today was a slower day! I think we needed the rest! In the morning Helen sat on the beach for an hour whilst Gareth went out on a one man kayak. He's getting into it! It's lovely out in the bay, very peaceful. The views are also superb and the kayaking is very cheap at only 10 bucks. After the kayaking we went to PIZZAHUT!!!

It may not mean much to you, but Helen 'doesn't like pizza', so Gareth has waged an 18 month campaign to get get her to eat pizza! It culminated today with a pizza for two at pizza hut! Mission accomplished!? Well nearly - we didn't eat it all, but we had a good go at it. Prices for food in New Zealand are crazy, we got a combo (meal) for two for only 16 dollars, that's about 7 quid.

Our friends that we met in The Cook Islands, Heather and Chris won a competition to go up in an aerobatic plane, so we watched them going loop the loop from our hostel. It looked petrifying. At one stage the pilot takes the plane up vertically then stalls it, letting it drop out of the sky, pulling it up horizontal at just the right time! Eeek. Glad we didn't do that! At 600 bucks it's a little too pricey too!

On top of that, Gareth and Helen have been trying to pluck up the courage to do some sort of bungy all week, but in the end we couldn't do it. The heights involved were too much. Safety wise it's fine now, they have safety cords etc and we've met people who have done 50 or 100 jumps, it was just the question of the height. 150 ft is too much. What made it more difficult was that there were loads of other people who just did it without thinking. Maybe oneday.

You can get bungies now that are harnessed at the waist instead of the ankles, so it's more like a parachute jump, be it's still a confidence thing...


Want to see what a bungy looks like? Gareth recorded someone doing it on video. It will freak you out to see it on your screen. Let us know and we'll mail it to you.

As if to say goodbye, the sunset over Queenstown was amazing - looking almost pink. Check the photos. Enjoy!

That evening we went to the pub with Heather and Chris - we won't be seeing them for a while, although we plan to maybe spend Xmas Day together! We raised a glass and talked about the highlights so far...

Then it was back to the hostel as we all had early buses the next day!

Anyway - must dash!!

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