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Drayton Valley countryside

Our log cabin

Around the camp fire


Brian the great white hunter

A small tree root Andrea's mum wanted


Boy isn't she happy

Birthday cake for Brian

You always need helpers to blow out candles


Happy birthday to Brian


Big J and little G

Jemma fishing




3 Wise men

Expert hunter



Gavin and his dad Brad



My trout

This is the real trout pout

We ate what we caught

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

The red eye monsters

A real husky

West of Edmonton, on your way to Jasper is Drayton Valley country. Stunning autumn colours covered the landscape. This was our Harvest Party extended over the weekend.

We got to stay in a lovely hand-made log cabin (apparently built by a 14-year old Austrian girl). Despite secure windows and walls, October was when bears start to come down out of the mountains looking for a place to hibernate for the winter and our wee cabin would be a cozy place if a bear took a notion. Hence, Rob, the farm/land owner gave us an impromptu lesson in how to protect ourselves if a bear were to get into the cabin. Whether he was winding us up or not, we slept with his .3030 next to the bed (#5) and pots and pans along the window ledge to bang together to scare it away. No bears appeared although we did see some bear tracks and droppings on hikes we did in the area...nice.

Chatting by the campfire was very relaxing. It was so peaceful out there and at night you could see the stars for miles. A great place to celebrate Brian's 34th Birthday!

(#6) On one of our drives around the area, Mom spotted a washed up tree trunk that she thought would go nicely in the front flower garden. She had a few extra hands, so off to work they went retrieving what seemed like a MASSIVE piece of wood which would NEVER fit into the back of the old blue van. But Mom really wanted it so, NEVER became POSSIBLE and (#8)everyone was happy in the end. ahhh!

Near to our cabin was a couple of dug outs with trout stocked in it. Csaba loves to fish and taught us a thing or two about how to do it successfully. He caught the most on his fly fishing rod but mostly, we caught and released them. A few we kept to eat as there is (apparently) nothing better than the taste of fresh fish fried over the campfire. Brother-in-law David, his Dad and cousin came up for the day along with Shari, Brad and the kids. We watched as a storm moved in, waited as the rain passed and went back to our watching the campfire.

What a delightful way to celebrate a successful, safe harvest season.

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