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The largest mound, named Monks Mound

More of the hundreds of mounds

stairs to the top of Monks Mound

View of one of the mounds from the top of Monks Mound

View of the city from the top

More St Louis

During our days in St Louis, we all did many different things. The only thing we did together was eat too many times at the casino buffet!

Don and Bonnie spend a day driving around St Louis and looking for an information center on Missouri. They also saw the place that the Missouri River and the Mississippi River meet. She said they were both muddy.

Tony and Juliann visited Our Lady of the Snows and the Basilica of St Louis. She said they also attended mass there and it was wonderful.

Larry and I explored Old Town St Louis and visited the Cahokia Indian Mounds. These Indian mounds were from many years ago around 1000 A.D. They have discovered many mounds of earth on which large huts for the chiefs were built. The largest mound of the group covers 14 acres and is about 100 feet tall. Larry and I climbed to the top of this mound and the view of the city was great! It took these Indian people over 150 years to construct this one earthen mound! It is the largest man made dirt structure in the Northern Hemisphere.

At its peak, the population of this tribe was estimated at 10,000 to 20,000, more people than inhabited London England. They also had built a large woodhenge, similar to Stonehenge in England and used for the same purpose. The historians are unclear as to why this tribe vanished. They speculate it may have been due to sickness, or war or it simply died out. We really enjoyed this national treasure.

The high note of the day was when we fueled up. Diesel was $2.29 per gallon, the cheapest it has been since we started out.

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