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Haena Beach panorama

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Haena Beach

Snorkle Bob's, a ubiquitous presence on all the Hawaiian Islands, was our first stop today. We rented some fins (too heavy to bring from home with our snorkles and masks) so that we could go snorkling. Bob recommended a beach on the North Shore at the end of the road. It was only a twenty mile drive, but the last eight miles twisted and wound around a mountain and were slow going. We paused many times to wait our turn on a series of one lane bridges. We certainly were not in Honolulu anymore! Because there is so much rain here there are many creeks and rivers and that means many bridges. There are also numerous warning signs about flash floods. Hopefully we won't get the opportunity to experience one.

When we got to the end of the road and the recommended beach, there was nowhere to park. That doesn't mean that there were all that many people there. This section of the north coast is not very developed and is lush with vegetation. You get the feeling that if you left your car for two days, it would be overgrown with vines and you would not be able to find it again. Chickens run wild and like to wander down the road. A driving judgement error could result in fresh poultry for dinner. So we backtracked a mile and parked at Haena Beach instead. This truly was a beach park that would make any tourist to Hawaii happy. At one end a sandbar softened the waves and even the most timid swimmers could bob gently in the warm waves. In the center very close to the beach reefs covered with coral provided fine snorkling for folks such as ourselves. Out beyond our reef large waves curled and broke and surfers had a field day.

We have heard that it has already snowed at home - the earliest snow ever. It's hard to believe since it was still summer when we left and it definitely is summer here. We run the A/C in our bedroom every night and have the windows open and every paddle fan twirling in the rest of the condo. We are still waiting for those trade winds; it's still quite humid. Since Kauai is 350 miles from Mt. Kilauea, the VOG is not an issue here.

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