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Hi so sorry not writen for seriously long time but have not had a chance so lots for stories to catch up on. After niarobi we drove to lake navasha which is a stunning lake surrounded by extinct volcanoes it is where joy adamson had her home and brought up elsa the lion ie born free. we stayed in a campsite on the shores of the lake which was famed for a woman who was on one of the dragoman trips had been innocently lying in her tent and a hippo fell over her tent peg and squished her luckily she was okay just very bruised just shows in africa you dont go to the wildlife the wildlife comes to you. Picked up the new group now 21 of us which feels squished on the truck. There are some lovely ones but also some right idiots who are lazy which is a bit tiresome but i just ignore them we also have a new crew member called charles who is our camp master til vic falls as this part of the trip has a lot of wild camping ie danger so he is our african ray meares but actually looks like a african crocadile dundee complete with hat! He is a great laugh and is very good at alaying our fears and making sure we all know our role in protecting the camp etc we have also been doing a lot more shopping with him in local markets meeting the locals which has been great fun.

we spent the afternoon going to the home of joy adamsom where we watched a video made int he 1980's interviewing joy where she talked more about her numerous affairs that she had than the lion very odd and they totally forgot to mention she was murdered by one of her employees probably a spurned lover!! The best thing about the visit was the full english cream tea provided complete with cucumber sandwiches very odd but tasty. on the way back we fed the fish eagles the guide threw the fish into the air and the birds swooped down from the trees along the shore line and caught them, spectacular.

Our guide had collected the skelaton of a hippo to put next to the pontoon unfortunately it ment all our life jacket stunk of dead hippo not cool when there were no showers at the campsite. that night we had a hippo walk straight past the tent as steph and i were debating if it was safe to go for a quick pee behind tyhe tent i guess not then!!!

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