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The offending simian

Man temple

View from woman temple

Canoe race on the Mekong

Loving that English!

We leave Siam Reap to head for the small provincial town of Kampong Cham, on the Mekong. Once there, a few of us hire a tuk-tuk to take us to the twin temple "man and woman" hills. The driver warns us about monkeys - they'll try to grab things if you're carrying anything.

Suffice to say, I spot one, and Carolina is holding a bottle of water, so it heads for her. She panics, hides behind me and puts the water between me and my backpack. Obviously, the monkey jumps up at me, before getting bored and disappearing. The temples themself are OK, but the views of the town and Mekong are awesome.

We have a quiet night, just as well as I'm choked with a cold and a niggly cough. However, I'm woken up early by someone shouting down a megaphone, and the rythmic chanting of a mob of people. Another military coup is my immediate thought, but I look out the window and see the local canoe race along the Mekong. The blues seem to win, closely followed by the yellows, with what appears to be the local pub team a distant third.

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