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Mom, Aunt Ina, Anna

Dear Old Dad

View from Point Lookout Inn in Windham

A Catskill Mountain in Autumn

Head of the .5 mile trail to the lighthouse, which is now...

Lighthouse and B&B entrance - probably cut off from town during high...

Mom & Dot at picnic area on river side of lighthouse

River traffic on this beautiful, summerlike day in October

Part of Saugerties, north of the lighthouse

Fire pits at Seamon's Park, swings in background that we loved

One of many gardens and fountains at the Park

Front of Seamon's Park, residential Saugerties, Catskills in background

History of Saugerties made a historical marker; park given to town in...

Pond wiht memories - Dot's dog, Lady chased a frog and went...

Yellow mums inside heart spell out Hope

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View from Point Lookout Inn & Restaurant; 5 states!

(MP4 - 4.31 MB)

Esopus Creek in Saugerties - we kayaked this creek together last year

I spent three weeks here - longer than anywhere else since leaving Miami last March. I got my car tuned and fixed up, my finances straightened out, and my home checked on. I got my teeth cleaned, my eyes checked, and my body massaged twice! I learned trivia I didn't know before, traveled roads I hadn't been on before, and visited a park I hadn't gotten to in all my years in the area. I visited family, friends, and past coworkers.

I was fortunate to hear, visit with, and dance to the TrueTones (the band that played at my retirement party). I went to two potlucks, and participated in a meeting of the Movie Mavens after seeing a movie that needed a good conversation afterwards. I got to see Blue Man Group at the Pepsi Arena with my sister and ran into Terry & Burt! I even made a new friend of a woman I remotely worked with for the last few years of my working life. I ate Freihoffer's chocolate chip cookies, Vanilla Bean fudgies and raspberry shortbread cookies, butter buns and crumb cake from Lachmann's Bakery, and good food at local restaurants like Grandma's (my favorite), The Lakehouse, Villa Valenti's, Bruegger's Bagel Bakery, Shalimar, and a new one called Slow Jed's Mud House!

I visited my home town of Saugerties, of course, where my family lives. On the 7th, we drove up the mountain through Cairo to Windham and then on new country roads. On the 9th, we visited the lighthouse, ate lunch at a restaurant where the waitress knows us well, waxed nostalgic at Seamon's Park, and then went to a walking trail I hadn't known about that led us to the Esopus Creek, almost across from my sister's house!

I had a very productive and enjoyable visit and I thank every one of you that helped to make it so! You want names, you say? Well, here goes - Mom & Dad, Dot & Jed, David & Nicole, Aunt Ina & Uncle Earl, Winona, Anna, Jennifer, Kathleen, Lisa, Jefrey, Chris, Michael & Elly, Sue & Diana, Leslie, Drea, Deb & Barb, Lynn & Alissa, Katherine, Kathleen & Marsha, SueLynn, Judy & Pat, Linda, Sharon & Sandy, Debra & Carole, Cathi, Linda & Rosemary, Mary & Judi, Ginny, Laura, Diane, Deb & Pat, Cynthia.

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