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Climbing a tower in Lucca 1

Climbing a tower in Lucca 2

Korina on top on Lucca tower

View from tower in Lucca 1

View from tower in Lucca 2

View from tower in Lucca 3

View from tower in Lucca 4

View from tower in Lucca 5

View from tower in Lucca 6

Circular piazza in Lucca

Random street in Lucca

Tandem biking in Lucca 1

Tandem biking in Lucca 2

Tandem biking in Lucca 3

Tandem biking in Lucca 4

Yet another pizza

Night in Lucca 1

Night in Lucca 2

Night in Lucca 3

Night in Lucca 4

Night in Lucca 5

Night in Lucca 6

Italian family deli

We got to Lucca in the middle of the afternoon, and the weather had certainly improved immensely. We started by finding some accommodation - in the case of Lucca, this was a hostel in the "old" town which was a converted convent. As it is not really peak season, we were lucky enough to have a 6 bed room to ourselves.

We dumped our gear and set out to have a look around Lucca. Lucca was originally a medieval, walled town - which has grown out in a contemporary fashion outside of the town walls.

To get a better perspective, we climbed up a tower and could see right around the town, new and old - you can see we were impressed by the number of pictures we took! We were lucky to get some really good weather in Lucca.

After the tower, we found a place which hired bikes. Deciding that this would be a good way to see the town, we picked up a bike. I say "bike" because we decided that a tandem would be amusing!

I was going to let Korina steer, but some mocking of my masculinity by an elderly italian man who spoke not a bean of English was enough to convince me to change the order of proceedings...

We initially tried to go around the pedestrian-ised part of the town - but the complete inability of those on foot to get out of the way, coupled with the difficulties associated with turning the beast of a bike eventually convinced us that this would be quite a hazardous course of action. So after a couple of attempts (one of which resulted in Korina being catapulted from the bike) we decided to ride around the wall. It turns out that once you were on top of the wall, it had an excellent riding track.

The bike also had a highly amusing horn - I wish that I had recorded what it sounded like - but suffice to say a couple of honks on that, combined with the sight of Korina and me on the tandem was often enough to send other cyclists and small children into fits of laughter!

After another excellent meal, we had another look around Lucca before crashing. The next morning dawned sunny again - so we decided it would be good to head off to San Gymigano - as Mum had recommended it on her recent trip over here...

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