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On the way to Franz Josef Glacier - our first view on...

The dorms at Rainforest retreat. Nice - also being extended.

Dire weather... no glacier hunting today...

3 hours later... more rain. No glaciers :-(

Hi everyone!

We started the day by texting Nikki Rowe back in the UK to find out who the new President was. Found out the result, mulled over it for a bit then decided to get on with the day!

Got ready and bumped into Molly and Bill, the Americans. Molly said she cried when she found out the result. :-S

From lunchtime onwards it threw it down with rain. Apparently, the west coast of South Island gets a lot of warm air from Australia, which cools over the sea causing huge amounts of rain to get dumped on the area. To give you an idea of the volumes of rain in Franz Josef they get about 5 metres of the stuff a year. At the glacier edge it gets around 10 metres of rain and at the top of the glacier (above the point of permafrost) they get the equivalent of 15 metres of rain a year, which works out at 30 - 45 METRES deep of snow in one year. Thus a) it's wet and b) there's so much snow that it literally poors out of the gaps. That's why they have the glacier. It'd also because it snows faster than the filthy stuff can melt, but let's not go into the scientific side of things - no doubt you're at work, it's 9.45am and you've not had your second coffee yet!


So... lots of rain and we're going no-where! This meant we checked the net a bit, bought some souvenirs and generally kept out of the rain.

In the evening we got an early night... we'd heard we had quite a trek in front of us...

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