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Bilbao Tree


Overlooking Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorogoro Crater

Masai Village




Mags on Safari




Leopard with kill
















storky kind of bird

Sunset at camp

Suset at camp 2

Our safari jeep

Our Serengeti Bush Camp

An almost full moon

Thru the trees

My tent

Giraffe grazes by our camp

Giraffe grazes 2

This morning we loaded 6 each to a 4X4 to make the 3 hour drive. We first passed a viewpoint overlooking the crater before continuing onto the Serengeti. Before long the top was off and we were on a game drive. Today was very successful in game drive terms. We saw a leopard up a tree with his kill, a cheetah hiding in the tall grasses and numerous more giraffe, zebra, buffalo, gazelles, antelope and elephant, no lions today though so hopefully tomorrow. We headed for our campsite before dark, got the tents up and had dinner. Tonight we don't have a secure campsite, anything from buffalo to lions to giraffe could roam thru the site. Again no food in the tends and if we have to, we go to the toilet in pairs. We can hear the hyenas in the distance as we get ready to sleep under the stars and an almost full moon in the Serengeti!

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