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Riverboat Discovery

Blake in an Indian village hut

Indian girl in fur coat at Indian village

Blake and huge cabbages

Blake on the Iditarod Trail with Susan Butcher

Camping spot on North fork of Chena River

Today the weather was cloudy and cool so Blake and Doloris decided to go on the Riverboat Discovery trip. Norm stayed at the motorhome to get caught up on the trip journal. The boat was warm and comfortable. We learned a lot about the native culture and life on the river. We stopped at Susan Butcher's house and watched Jean, another Iditarod winner, work with her dog teams. We also walked through a Chena Village while our guide talked about the native way of doing things. Dixie Alexander showed us a beautiful fur coat she had made from different animals. She was commissioned to make a coat that now hangs in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. We enjoyed our trip very much and learned a lot too. After our riverboat trip we were hungry so we tried The Bakery again but it was still closed. We then went to Sam's Sourdough Cafe. Great sourdough bread, pancakes and food in general.

After filling up on sourdough we headed out toward Chena Hot Springs. We decided to camp for the night before we got to the hot springs. We tried camping in a picnic area where we would have a good view of the night sky in case it cleared off. That didn't work out. A ranger came up and told us to go somewhere else. He told us about a gravel bar right on the river a couple of miles back down the road. So we went down there. It was a good spot. There was only one other motorhome that stayed the night on the gravel bar. This is a state recreation area and there are two nice state campgrounds (Rosehip and Tors Trailhead) along the road. But there are also good spots along the road where people camp.

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