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Entrance to Mt Rushmore

What Fun!

Mt Rushmore, South Dakota

Entering Badlands State Park


Badlands 2

Don't Back Up Too Far!

Badlands 3

Badlands 4

Check Out These Colors!

We'll Be Back Next Year!

President's Park On The Road to Rapid City!

We climbed this mountain today!

Hiked to top of mountain!

Larry & Dick on top of mountain!

Larry's Resting!

He's Still Resting!

View from up here, beautiful!

That's Our Campground, bottom left!

Double Rainbow!

Sooo Pretty!

Crazy Horse Mountain

Crazy Horse at Dusk

JoJo & Olga (Visiting from Italy), Larry & Lee Ann at Crazy...

Gate at Crazy Horse

Close up of pretty!

Bronze Statue at Crazy Horse

Larry & Lee Ann at Sylvan Lake, SD

Stockard Lake- 3 miles from campground!

Larry & Onyx at Stockard Lake

Feeding the ducks

Our New Chair!

Our new home! Just kidding!

Our New Bikes, for real!

Our New Pet!

Camp at dusk, my favorite time!

Larry, Lee Ann & Onyx too!

Love South Dakota!!!

August 3rd went to Mt Rushmore today! What an awesome Memorial. It is unbelievable the amount of work that went into this! These granite faces tower 5,500 feet above sea level and are scaled to men who would stand 465 feet tall each! (each head is as tall as a six-story building!) Even as you depart you find yourself looking back. Very interesting! See pics.

August 4th today we went to the Badlands. Unique & pretty in their own way but we prefer the trees! See pics.

August 7th we were supposed to leave today, as 500,00 bikers are arriving. But, the owner of our campground did some shifting so we can stay another week. Just can't bear to leave just yet!

Besides, our new friends play a card game (Hand & Foot) that we enjoy so we are having lots of dinners together & playing some games. We also made a trip into Rapid City together to pick up a few necessities at Walmart! And I got to have some Chinese food that I have been really craving!

August 8th we hiked to the top of the mountains in the back of our campground! Yep us, can you believe it! It was breathtaking... Took some beautiful pics..

August 10th, went to have our first buffalo burger! Pretty good, a little sweeter than beef. Went for a walk after dinner. We need to do more of that if we are going to keep eating like this!

August 14th today we stayed in camp had a brief rain & hailstorm! it was beautiful, see pic of double rainbow! We put down the satellite dish as a precaution but it lasted such a short time we don't think it was really necessary. Better safe than sorry. We also extended for another week. What's the hurry right?

August 15th went to Crazy Horse Memorial today a mountain carving in progress of the world's largest sculpture!

Went with Dick & a couple we met from Italy (JoJO & Olga) they speak no English! That was interesting. Think we need to brush up on our language skills! Got a few pics of the Memorial but wish we would have had more time. We will definitely go back next year!

August 27th Dick finished the 4 shelves he built to put in my kitchen cabinets for more storage. They came out great! Sure am glad to have them. Went to the lake to feed the ducks one more time. There are 4 lakes within minutes of here. Just beautiful. Larry is going to bring his fly fishing stuff & his float tube here next year. Am trying to talk him into getting us a rubber Sea Eagle so we can float around, but he thinks our old shoulders won't take it! We'll see. Perhaps we'll rent one first & see how it goes!

But my birthday is coming up so I got a new bicycle! (Larry did too!) Guess I'll get a little exercise this way! LOL

August 28th we are finally breaking camp. Sure will be sorry to leave here, but the time has come to move on down the road before it gets too cold. We are excited about heading to Yellowstone & then on into Montana even though we will miss our new friends & the Black Hills of South Dakota. Sure hope you enjoy seeing some of our pics (there are too many to post them all, we took hundreds!) as we are sure enjoying sharing with you!

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