Sandy and Justin go to Japan 2006 travel blog

On the train to Yokkaichi

Justin's new "friend"

Hooray beer!

Going to the stone age

Gee...another picture...

Local artisan

See, we're not far from Lala Land

Our sister-city

Making new friends


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Our Yokkaichi Hotel View

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Yokkaichi Torri Gates

...well, we found the city anyway.

It all started when mom got me up way too early (say 9 am) to check out of our nice 5 star hotel to go Yokkaichi. We left our nice shinkansen in Nagoya and took the local express to Yokkaichi. It's a large industrial port city which is very similar to the Long Beach port harbor area. This is probably why it is our sister-city. This hotel isn't quite a 5 star, but it's very nice. After checking in we took a walk through the local mall area which had at least 15,000 croissant places. You would think with all of those carbs that they would be fat people...but no. We get fat just smelling them. We brought the front page of the Press Telegram to get some pictures, but mom forgot it up in the room (of course). She also forgot her the room. So I waited downstairs while mom went back inside. They sent a bellboy with a key and she commented that his English was very good. He said that he had studied English and his English teacher is currently living in Long Beach. Small world, eh? When mom told him we were from Long Beach and we came because Yokkaichi is our sister-city he said that he knew of that. We asked him if he would take some pictures with us, and he was thrilled. We wanted all 3 of us in the picture so we asked a local lady if she would take pictures of us. She was so sweet that mom wanted her in the picture. So we asked this group of teenage girls if one of them would take a picture of all of us. They were so sweet that mom wanted all of them in the picture. So...there you go. That's the group photo. After a long photo shoot we decided to grab a bite to eat a local omelette shop...where the omelettes are filled with ketchup flavored rice. I like it so much that I ordered the "LL" (double extra large) size and ate 99% of it. We decided to support the local economy by buying 2 bags full of croissants (they do everything in grams here, not pounds) for dessert. We know feel like beached whales and the barge will tow us out to sea soon. Ahoy mateys! Love, us.

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