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A typical NZ view - a little bridge, the lush scenery.

Growing Kiwis - Kiwi Style!

The beautiful Buller Gorge.

Helen at Buller Gorge.

Gareth (looking a tad camp for some reason!!) at Buller.

Helen with big smiles at our driver 'Pops' stolls past.

Gareth and Helen at Buller!

Pops joins in on the fun!

Brunner Pass history!

Another friend of ours!

Dogs seem to love the camera! You can see right into their...

Have no idea what this dog's name is!

On the way to Barrytown we saw a lot of wild animals...

Another horse roaming around.

Up close and personal.

On the road to Barrytown - our first view of the west...

Helen took this great photo! The west coast with the sun coming...

Scenes you wouldn't expect to see in NZ - it's more like...

The west coast of the South Island

Very photogenic stuff! About 50km north of Barrytown.

Gareth and Helen on the west coast.

Getting closer to Barrytown, we found the coast to be more like...

The view from near the 'Pancake Rocks', about 20km north of Barrytown.

Pancake Rocks, on the South Island. The next photo shows why...

The rocks are stacked on top of each other, giving the effect...

Part of the cliff has eroded and the sea gets underneath into...

Barrytown! On the coast showing off the start of the Southern Alps......

As we walk to the beach, Helen stops to admire the sunset...

Sunset at Barrytown.

Helen on the beach watching sunset.

Gareth at Barrytown Beach.

The sunset at Barrytown Beach.

The view across the beach.

Finally the sun sets over the West Coast.

After waking, showering etc, we headed down to the beach where we were and took some photos. It was a lovely bay and we saw some people heading off in Kayaks on an all day tour.

We've realised that it's important not to do everything. It sounds wierd, but taking 'days off' makes the trip a lot more special. By regularly having 'days off', you get to take stock of everything going on around you. If you pack too much in, you start to take everything for granted! It's so important to try and slow down and really appreciate what you're doing. This was a day that we wanted to slow down. We talked a lot about what we wanted to achieve in Aus and went through our plan of action to get work in a country that will be chock full of people just like us, looking for work. We also talked about our priorities in Australia. We thought about our CVs, references, what work we were going to get. Also about if we were going to work part-time or full time. We also talked about where we were going to go and how we were going to do it. A picture is starting to form now in our minds, but it's still a long way off. We came up with a lot of new ideas and we have lots to research. Should be fun though! Don't forget Australia kicks in from 19th November. Not long folks!

Abel Tasman is beautiful, but it didn't have enough to keep us occupied for another night, so we jumped back on the bus, heading south.

Our first stop was the Buller Gorge and the Buller Pass. Buller is made up of a beautiful valley and river that cut through the south island through to the West Coast. Two hours later our bus emerged from the inland route on the west coast, just south of Westport.

We headed down the coast, stopping often to take in views. One of the stops was at 'Pancake Rocks' (Helen liked the name!). This is an area mad of limestone next to the sea. The limestone developed under the sea millions of years ago and through time and erosion, wierd formations have formed on the cliff face. Check out the photos - we liked it!

We then carried on down the coast to Barrytown - a very small 'wild west' kind of town right on the edge of New Zealand (in more ways than you could imagine). We stayed at the main pub in the village. It was a very strange local yocal kind of place - quiet edgy, with all the locals staring at us. I would have said it was a bit of a bikers pub, with the landlord having a blonde mohican!!!

Although a lot of the 'stray' travellers didn't like it, we saw through the image and found it to be rich in character. The landlord was very understanding, funny and hospitable. It turned out he was a Brit - from London!

The dorm rooms weren't in the pub, they were in outhouses, so we weren't disturbed at all. After tea (Helen and Gareth whipped up a mean curry, with Naan!), we took a wander down the beach, followed by another early night. (Too much walking!!).

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