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Pity -the hostel dog - came on the tour too!!!!

just like the hollywood sign!!!

they looked much bigger in the flesh!!!


if only i had my board!!!!

Just missed the sun setting!

me and my new girlfriend!

and yet again -the boring scenery shot!!!

covered ourselves in bed sheets to try to keep warm!!!!

So once we'd recovered from our hangovers we were sitting around in the kitchen when Nick (the guy who runs the hostel) runs in shouting 'who wants to go see 10 foot waves a bondi!!!' - obviously we all jumped up (and then had to sit back down again coz the hangover hadnt quite gone!) and piled inot the hostel minibus!!! (stopping off at the bottle shop on the way to get supplies!!!)

We were taken on the funniest tour i've been on since we started travelling!!!! -this was definately my kind of touristy thing! -Sydney by madminibus!!!

Got down to bondi and the waves were 'unbelievable' - obviously i wanted to run in and ride 'em but my board was being waxed at the time...what bad timing huh??? (can vikki just add that we could have ridden the waves on emma's foot long nose - miss pinnochio!!, She seriously thinks she is a proper surfer!!!) -think i'm gonna ban these 'can vikki just add' things -they're ruining the stories!!!

So where was i....oh yes...bondi beach and the 10 foot waves...the only words for them -cowabunga dudes!!!! The photos really dont do them justice, but i think you can tell from the freezing expressions on peoples faces the wind was unreal - god i'm turning into a surfer...who says unreal these days??!!!

After bondi Nick decided we needed to be taken on his tour of we went all over the place..he raced to get to one spot so that we could see the sun set over the city...but we'd just missed it by the time we got there...bugger!

We had a mad couple of hours as you can see from the photos...and it is true what they say...the cure for a hangover is to get back on it!!!!! (bless vikki -she just turned round and said that she thought i was gonna say that the cure for a hangover was the fresh air...shes soooo sweet!!!!!)

love you and leave you

E, V and M -seriously guys mel is travelling with us...she just seems to be missing on the photos!!! (and at these journal sessions!!!! -only because we're so funny and we dont want her boring the pants off you lot!!!)

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