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Korina and the 206

Last minute instructions

Korina's giant helmet head

Hairpin 1

Korina driving 1

Korina driving 2

Korina driving 3

Korina's dust trail 1

Korina's dust trail 2

Hairpin 2

Me with meat

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Korina's briefing

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Flat out along the straights 1

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Hairpin 1

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Start of timed "hot lap"

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End of "hot lap"

To celebrate Korina's new job, which came with a car, we randomly decided to head up to Silverstone where Korina had some rally car vouchers to use that I had given her for Xmas.

Her excitement built during the trip up through various b-roads and country lanes which we managed to navigate somehow without getting too lost.

Once we were there, I thought she seemed a little nervous - and the first go she looked it as she eased the Peugot 206 around the track. After a break she had calmed her nerves and decided that it was time to "go hard or go home". She looked to be driving a lot more comfortably, but it all went badly wrong in a corner around the back of the course - resulting in a 360 spin and some troubles getting the car going again. The crash meant that she finished near the rear of the pack in terms of drive times - but her instructor still rated her driving ability at 88% and made comments such as "drove with no fear"!

After the conclusion of the racing we went to a little country pub called The Kings Arms in the Cotswolds. It was a great meal, with excellent local cider. Unfortunately we were not organised enough to have booked anywhere to stay, and with the bank holiday weekend, getting anywhere to stay out in the country was not likely. So we headed back into London.

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