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Note that from this point forward all entries were written after I returned from my trip. I am running on what I remember and what I wrote in my journal.

Due to some sort of sinus infection my time in Brisbane was not as enjoyable as it could have been. For the most part the 22nd was spent mostly at Palace Backpackers because I felt too crappy to leave. I did manage to walk down the street to the Botanic gardens and then on the way back I wandered through the Queen St mall.

The 23rd was a bit more interesting. I spent a good part of the day at the Queensland museum. There is an impressive insect collection on display that was worth a solid look and included a cast of a giant termite mound. Overall the museum was impressive but for some reason I decided to go on a Sunday so the place was a zoo.

On the 24th I actually did go to the zoo. Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo to be exact. To get to this zoo, which is in Beerwah (a nearby nowhere), I had to catch a shuttle bus and then get transfered to a bus. I spent the whole day at the zoo and was pretty impressed. I arrived in time to see the daily animal performances at the "Crocoseum". The snakes, tigers, birds, and crocodiles all made appearances. Unknown to me was that the 24th of July is the birthday of Steve Irwin's daughter. As a result the entire Irwin family made an appearance at the zoo. Steve Irwin led the crocodile display and was provoking a crocodile with strips of meat and by diving into the water in the center of the arena. It was cool to see the guy in person because the chances of him being at the zoo are usually slim to nil, but he and his family are either really enthusiastic or really just plastic performers. The animals at the zoo are mostly native animals, the only non natives are the elephants and tigers. I saw everything from the kangaroos, to the wombats and koalas. I am not usually a fan of zoos, due to the treatment of animals, but I think this is as close to a natural zoo as you can get. Michelle was right, I did run into a crocodile hunter - although I would have preferred to see a Rachel Hunter.

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