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Kim and Larry on their boat

Kim and Larry's boat "Magenta"

Minnie with new front window--back to normal!

Jack relaxing on the bow

Jack at the helm

Sea lions in the bay


Today Jack called our new insurance agent in the morning and he said he wanted us to get that window fixed right away. He called the claim agent and then called us back and said to go ahead and charge it and we could then submit a bill and American Family will pay all but the deductible. This was good news. So we showed up at 8:00 A.M. at All-West glass in Smithers and left the motorhome with them.

Next we drove around looking for a nail saloon. Finally we found a beauty shop that has a nail tech and I was able to get in rather quickly. After a pedicure and manicure, I feel as if I'm once again back in civilization. While I was in the beauty shop, Jack did some grocery shopping. Then we headed off to McDonalds for lunch and after that we waited in the park in the shade until it was time for the motorhome to be done. It was done about 1:30 in the afternoon, and we pulled out of Smithers at about 2:00 P.M. headed for Prince George.

We made it to Prince George in good time and set up camp at Sintich RV Park. It is pretty good, and I was able to get Wi-fi although it worked off and on. I wasn't able to get off all of the e-mails I wanted to, but I did get the blog caught up. After dining on TV dinners and watching some television (they have cable here), we trotted off to bed.


Today we drove from Prince George to Cache Creek. It was another very pretty drive with a fairly nice road. Although it is two lane, there are often passing lanes going up the mountains which give others a chance to pass us as we go up slower than most. Signs tell you how many kilometers it is until a passing lane, so people don't take as many chances passing in inappropriate places since they know they will soon have a chance to pass safely. The landscape around this area of British Columbia was really surprising to us. It reminds us a lot of Wyoming although the mountains have a lot of pine trees when you get close to the top which isn't true of Wyoming. The grass is very brown on the hills and there is sagebrush growing on those hills also. There are ranches set in each valley which have a lot of green grass and hay due to irrigation. The names of the towns and the history of the area has a lot to do with either the gold rush era or ranching and cowboys. It is totally different from any area of British Columbia we've seen before.

We talked to Larry Moore today and told him to expect us to arrive in Vancouver tomorrow. He has made reservations for us at a campground close to where he and Kim live. We will spend three nights in Vancouver and then head for home. It will be fun to see Larry and Kim again. Larry was a fraternity brother of Jack's and a groomsman in our wedding forty years ago. We last visited them in Vancouver when we took our Alaskan cruise celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary--ten years ago. It doesn't seem possible it could be that long ago. When we last visited, their son Mickey was going to Drury and their son Andy, who had just graduated from high school, was going to Drury the following fall.

We arrived in Cache Creek in good time and stayed at the Brookside RV Park there. It was very nice. There were lots of large trees between the sites and the whole area was quite shady. Jack did a couple of loads of laundry while I cooked supper and then we went to bed early because there was no selection on television. I read for a while and Jack went to sleep early.


We slept in later than we expected after making such an early night of it. Jack says all this traveling is starting to wear on him. He is anxious to get home to his own bed and a much larger shower.

The road between Cache Creek and Vancouver follows the Fraser River and the area is known at the Fraser River Valley. It is beautiful. Larry said we would have a beautiful drive and we did. We were just surprised at how many people were out on the highway on a Saturday. Everyone must have been going on an excursion for the weekend. We stopped in a rest area for lunch which had only the highway for a view, and it was packed. There was also a fellow selling hot dogs and hamburgers out of a carnival-type trailer, another fellow selling ice cream, and a third fellow selling toys. After lunch we gave the ice cream vendor some business and then went on our way.

We arrived at the Hazelmere RV Park at about 4:00 and were given our site number and a map. Our route to our site was drawn on the map. This park is nice but very full. We made a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up going the wrong way on a one-way street. Jack kept saying, "There's nothing else I can do!" and he was right. We couldn't possibly make the sharp turn necessary to go on a different street. It's really funny in a way, however, since Jack is known for always going the wrong way on a one-way street at least once on every vacation. The kids and I used to always laugh about it every time it happened on our family trips.

After that we headed toward what we thought was the area of our site, but we passed it unknowingly and soon found ourselves on our way out of the park with nowhere to turn around. Jack spotted a gravel road off to the side that he thought would loop around. Guess what--it didn't loop around. It dead ended at the trash dumpsters. I told him that we would be laughing about this in time--remembering the time we tried to camp at the dump. Anyway, you can't back up a rig that has a vehicle attached to the back of it without turning the vehicle over. The only thing to do in this situation is unhook the pickup, move it out of the way, and then back up the motorhome, turn it around, and hook the pickup back up to the back of the motorhome. This is a time-consuming job and not always the easiest thing in the world to do. Sometimes, if you aren't real straight, the hitch on the pickup doesn't want to come off. Jack took the situation in stride, and I reminded him that this was only the first time this whole trip that we'd had to do this. We had gotten ourselves into situations twice in Florida where we had to unhitch to get turned around.

By 4:30 were were backed into the proper site and pretty well set up. We called Larry and tried to leave him a message that we were here, but we weren't sure if we were getting his answering machine or not since all we were getting were a few beeps. Larry called at 5:00 to tell us his phone had been messed up and he was happy to hear we were here and settled. He and Kim came by at 6:00 and we went on a nice drive to see the boardwalk along the beach in White Rock where they live. Then we went to Boston Pizza and had supper and visited for a long time. It was a lot of fun. I mentioned the Lambda Chi river parties to Kim, and she was surprised to hear that they had those back in our days. She knew her boys had both gone to river parties, but she didn't realize Larry had been doing the same thing when he was in school. I guess that is a Drury tradition that does go back a long way, but I couldn't say how far back it goes.


Larry and Kim came by at about 9:30 to pick up Jack. They went out to breakfast and then out on the Moores' sailboat. I stayed behind and rested up for the evening barbecue at the Moores' house. The sailing trip was going to involve quite a bit of walking, and I was afraid that I might be so tired after all of that exercise that I wouldn't be able to enjoy our dinner together. I spent my morning lying on the heating pad to ease my back which was hurting just a little and reading--just taking it easy. I had a leisurely shower and then had a nice visit with Susan Wilkerson on the phone.

Jack had a wonderful time out on the boat. Sailing seems to be very relaxing. He came home with pictures of sea lions and himself lounging in the bow of the boat. When he tried to get pictures of Kim and Larry, the battery in the camera gave out; so Larry let Jack use his camera and he will send the pictures by e-mail to me tomorrow. Jack arrived home about 5:30 and we proceeded to get ready to go to the Moores' home for dinner. We left about 6:30, and it didn't take very long to get to their place. They are very close to the water and to where their boat is docked. Their home is very comfortable and a great size for just two people. The patio and yard area is really special. It is enclosed by shrubs and it's like a quiet little oasis in the midst of a busy suburb. If I lived in their home, I would spend every minute I could on that patio. Anyway, Kim fixed a lovely dinner of grilled steak, baked potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob. Everyone left the table very satisfied.

When we arrived back at the trailer, Jack was exhausted from his full day on the water and his delicious dinner. He was off to bed in a flash. I read a new book that Kim and Larry had given me for a while, and then I too called it a night.

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