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Dan's sister (the tall one) and some Ringa locals at her 21st

Daniel's sister....no!

Sandra braving the cold to get in the cows

Don't be fooled, there are no trout in this river...

Em helping out at calving

Morning milking

Sandra's backyard

Famous Wineglass Bay

Very cold, look out for icebergs.

Some fine Tassie seafood, and wine, and beer...great spot

Dan, Mum, and home #2

Lake St Clair with Cradle Mountain in the background

Dan's family at St Helens.

We made our way up to Ringarooma with Dan's parents (but minus his other sister, Donna) for Sandy's 21st. It was on a Wednesday night, but still managed to attract every local in a 60km radius, who turned up bearing gifts (I think to entice some fresh blood into the district...) and with the kids under one arm and the Boags under the other. We quickly learnt the state divide in Tassie was based on beers, with the north strictly drinking Boags, and the south sworn to Cascade - don't dare test it. Anyway, it turned out to be a big night, and a true country shindig, with not even the threat of the freezing morning milking deterring the locals.

As Donna joined us we explored more of the district. Ringarooma is in a beautiful fertile (but freezing cold) valley in North-Eastern Tassie, mainly used for Dairy, Tree farming and spuds. Sandra is helping run a huge dairy operation, milking up to 800 cows twice daily, and she somehow managed to coax Em into the dairy to help out with the milking and the newborn calves (we're told she was a natural...)

The Ringa locals were unbelievably friendly, with Dan even getting an invite to have a run around with the local Ringarooma Robins footy side. After a couple of training sessions they said unfortunately he couldn't play on the weekend, which gives an idea of how fit he is as the Robins hadn't won a game all year!!

Over the couple of weeks we saw plenty of Tassie (unbeknown to Hertz Rentals as most tracks seemed to be "unpaved"). One highlight was a night in Coles Bay, on the East Coast. After a night shucking and sucking on oysters Dan, Em and Donna went for a stroll through Freycinet National Park and into Wineglass Bay - which we were told was voted the second best beach in the world (agreed fully for beauty, but too cold to test the practicality). We also took a drive through the centre, around the Great Lake and into the Lake St Clair National Park for a brief look at the standout Cradle Mountain. We also managed by a night in New Norfolk, a quaint old town on the Derwent River, and a trip through the Eastern Ranges for more fine Tassie cuisine in seaside St Helens. By the time we headed to Launceston we had seen mot of Tassie and indulged in about all it had it offer!

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