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The drive to Armenia is probably one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on. With the exception of driving through the rockies, this tops it. Rolling green hills meet valleys with flowing rivers and dotted plantations throughout Colombia, no matter the destination. And along the way there is always an adorable little town offering a sweet for sale. I am in heaven, it's simply beautiful. The greenest of green!! In fact I thought Ireland was the most green I have seem, once again, Colombia tops this.

I really wanted to see a group of bronzed coffee workers accompanied by mules, but no such luck, perhaps next time. Did I ever tell you, I really want to bring a donkey home, they are too cute. I want one.

We rode horses through the valley, with Palms watching over us, the entire time, I kept saying to everyone, "these must be the world's tallest palms!"

And, all I received was a funny look, "maybe". .. No, for real, they are so tall!!

Well once I returned to Cali, I learned they were in fact the World's tallest palms!!!!

In fact, the Palma de Cerca is just one of the 2500 varieties of palm tree and has a life span of about 200 years. Hmmn... and interestingly enough, Colombia's national tree. Well deserved.

Sometimes I just know!!!

I spent Easter in Armenia. Planned an easter egg hunt for the girls and ate Tomalie for Breakfast. Its kind of like a flavourless-gelatinous pudding with meet, rice and over cooked veg!!

When in Rome... but I dont really like it, to be honest! An interesting Easter breaky!

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