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Away from Bello by 10, which felt a bit odd as after 5 days it had started to feel quite homely, and ambling back down the Pacific Highway. Took a tourist drive scenic detour off to Stuarts Point, where I stopped for a bit of a leg-stretch. Wandered over a long footbridge spanning a beautiful little creek and through some bush to suddenly arrive onto an ocean shore that had pristine sandy beach stretching off into the distance in both directions with not a soul to be seen anywhere. It somehow seems to give a place a feel all of its own when you're the only one to experience it - a piece of serendipity to be treasured whenever it happens.

Back to camping now that the weather is back to it's well-behaved self at Trial Bay Park, which is extremely well equipped, and whose burgers live up to the expectations generated by their review in the Lonely Planet. Having said that I think this is going to be my last camp for a while, as it's not quite working out at the moment. Currently gets dark shortly after 6, and it's early enough in the season that there tend to be very few people around. Even with a gas lamp to read by this means that I end up going to bed by about 8, with a corresponding loopily early start the following morning. Will try again once we get into november, as by then daylight saving/moving further south/approaching summer should hopefully make for longer days and busier sites.

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