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Sunset on the way up

Breakfast - gruel

Csaba was making the best of it with bagels

While Andrea was busy sleeping

Dee with her sexy gear on

Lake shore

Which way do we go










The coastguard is still looking for the beached whale

Please lord I don't really want to poison them - I just...


Nice place to have breakfast

and here is breakfast


Just before we trek back to the car



The beaver crops up everywhere in Canada

Groundhog day

What made her do this?

These - the worst tasting sweet we ever tried - yugh

Pretty sky







Action man


She is pretty happy

It's just a funny photo

Andrea painting

I wonder what he's thinking

Another nice sunset

Another nice sunset

Another nice sunset


Peter, Sheena, Steve and the kids, Jack and Aidan

Now prepare yourself, there are plenty of sunsets in this entry...they were just that amazing we had to take a few just for you.

This was our camping trip. We drove to Tobermory which is along the Georgian Bay. There, we hiked to the Grotto, and onwards along Bruce Peninsula adn Cypress Lake to Stormhaven where we swam and set up camp for the night. On the way out we stopped off at the Curries family Cottage at Dunks Bay. Photo 47 is a shot of cousins Peter John and Sheena with her husband Steve, and boys Jack and Aidan. It's been a while since we last visited so it was super to see them again.

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