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The Toronto Blue Jays in action

The grounds men

Have you seen the shirt before


That is a fast ball in action - pure poetry - at...

The CN tower at night

Van Morrison played here that night and he walked off half way...

Brian wears new blue hat before tubing

Real watermelon with no seeds - great

Yes folks she did eat it in one go

sunny sunflowers

Spicy chilles growing in Dee and Csaba's garden

Sometimes we had to work for our keep

Dee too

Their garden

When in Toronto, one must take in a base ball game - especially if the Blue Jays are playing! Can you feel the crowd roar? (those who were there at least!) We had our ball glove ready for that pop fly coming our way!!! The old boy even had some swing left in the arm...55 mph woo wee. Some of the pros were chucking a 120 mph pitch...he'll need a bit of practise.

#8 was our adventures tubing at the beautiful Elora Gorge. It was a bit wild to take our camera even though it is waterproof. Good thing we didn't either - it was not a pretty site if one was tipped off balance. Great fun though!!!

#11 onwards were shots of us earning our keep (laugh out loud) in Dee and Csaba's garden. Their tomatoes and peppers were amazing not to mention Dee's mad weeding technique!!! You don't see that everyday. She says it's a great stress reliever after a long day at the office.

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