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Tacky Niagra Falls

Trip to the maid

The boat herself

The falls on the US side of the border



The maid in the mist at the Niagra Falls - Canadian side

Before the boat ride

After the boat ride!

Andrea so wanted an ice cream she drooled down her shirt

Ooh la la - glad to be on land again!

Niagra gardens


A shot from above - can you feel the cool mist?

Can you imagine going over this in a barrel - MAD!

pretty powerful


The beginnings of that dynamic duo Pedro and Sanchez

He got hot and wanted a snack

What a lovely town to be beside one of the natural wonders...

Glow in the dark golf what more could a guy ask for


Coooool man

Seve and Tiger

The Michelin men!

It looks like tissue paper but it's real!

Having a dive at Niagra on the Lake

It's the happy Zundle family

Our first impressions of the town of Niagra was of wonder! Not the setting we had imagined for a wonder of the world site. However, as we approached the main attraction, it was indeed impressive!

We boarded the Maid of the Mist ferry to get right down into the heart of the falls - first the US side followed by the larger and in one bias Canadian's opinion, the better Niagra Falls on the Canadian side! We certainly cooled off which was an added bonus on such a warm summer day!

If you are wondering who that handsome guy is next to Brian, that's Csaba. The two of them had a great time slagging poor Andrea off. (3 guesses who's writing the commentary on this one!!!) Funny guy though and great cook as you will see in the next entries!

The last photo is one of our cousins near Toronto - the Zundle family. We were lucky to catch them for a quick visit before they set off to Germany and Austria on a family holiday. That's Sue, Kaitlin, Josh, Joseph and Joe on the couch.

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