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After a long, wet drive from Ottawa, through Toronto we reached Guelph

...we drove through a heavy electrical rain storm which had traffic pulled over on the sides of the road due to lack of visibility. The powerline beside us was then hit by lightening bolt and sparked a couple of metres up in the air leaving only smoke and a couple of scared rabbits huddled in their car. (us!)

We eventually arrived safely which is no small feat on highway 501 through Toronto! We learned that although the speed limit says 100 km/hour, most people go 120km/hr+. If you are going any slower, you are in the way and fair game as roadkill!!! Tailgating was another common practise over there.

We arrived at Dee & Csaba's apartment across from John McCrae's cottage - the man who wrote the "In Flanders Fields" poem we recited every Rememberance Day in school. See this website for the full poem and some history

Anyways, it was great to see them again! Despite the humid hot temperatures, we were able to get some much needed sleep...this travelling lark can be tiring! ahhhh!

Too hot to take pictures but DID YOU KNOW...?

The jock strap was invented in Guelph. Created by Guelph Elastic Hosiery Company in the 1920. The company held a contest to name the product-and jock strap was the winning name. The prize was five dollars.

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