Tanzania Tenting Safari 2004 with Kaskan & Elcess travel blog

Agama Lizard, kopje at entrance to Serengeti NP

Giraffe (Twiga), Serengeti NP

Obligatory shot of Lilac-breasted Roller, Serengeti NP

Richard spotted this lion (simba) in Serengeti NP.

Wildebeest (Nyumbu) and Zebra (Punda milia), Serengeti NP

Secretary Bird, Serengeti NP

Cheetah (Duma), Serengeti NP

This morning dawned cold, foggy, and drizzly, and our trip across the rim of Ngorongoro Crater was harrowing with the low visibility. By the time we descended from the rim toward Olduvai Gorge, though, the sun had come out. We stopped by the Olduvai Museum with exhibits on local finds, including Lucy and a trail of fossilized footprints.

Serengeti National Park forms the core of the Serengeti Conservation Area, that was established to safeguard the annual wildebeest migration route between Tanzania and Kenya. We stay at the eastern border of the park, fairly far north. Despite misidentifying a few termite mounds as lion heads and bits of elephant dung as smaller mammals, we do manage to see lion, cheetah, and leopard along with elephants, zebra, gnus, and hyrax in our four days here.

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