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On to our next destination its all go go go on this trip! The fun car was back in action as we headed down to brisbane where Ruth and Sarah were to leave us. We headed out on the look out for random things to do and we were not disappointed at all! We found another 'big thing' a giant pineapple which were all had pics in front of including Bob and Beetroot. We carried on and to pass away the time we tried to tie jelly snakes in knots in our mouths with our tongues, we all looked very perculiar i must say, but we all suceeded!

As we drove on we saw a sign for a fairy shop, yep wierd we know so we had to have a look and see what this possibly could be! so we turned off Bruce for a little detour and arrived 5 minutes later at this tiny little shop with a little fairy land outside! the women who ran the shop made the fairies out of paper maiche! yep think 8 year olds art class you get the picture, well she had a show coming up so she was in mass production mode making rat fairies nice!! We had a look around and she gace us some confetti to sprinkle on each other so we could all make a wish, she was also a white witch as well! added bonus! we took pictures for proof and then left the fairy world and back to the harsh reality of the open road!

Off we headed and we started seeing signs for a ginger factory which definately could not be ignored in any circumstances so we rocked up to the factory and had a guided tour and tasting session. Free food you cant turn it down! It was pretty interesting stuff and we headed to the fudge shop afterwards so some lovely sweets could be brought!

We got to brisbane with no more detours Kezza was already there and had found our hostel for us very handy! She had dropped Tony off on the way as he was doing skydiving for a couple of days.

When we got to brisbane we checked our phones as you do and we had a lovely message from the car hire company advising us the car was supposed to be back that day at 12 and not the day after uh oh! Well we read our pack and they were right and it also said if the car was late they reported it stolen! we shit our pants! (sorry Mum) there was lots of frantic phone calls but we were very lucky and if had left it 10 mins more (they closed at 6 and we rang at 10 to) we would have been wanted criminals!! luckily they only charged us an extra half day about 20 bucks we were saved!

That night Ruth Sarah and Shay went out on their own as it was their last night together, they had a few drinks and chatted loads before heading back to the hostel. We met up with Lucy and Kezza and listened to the band at the bar in the hostel who were very funny they dressed up and did loads of covers!

We ended up chatting to this couple from brisbane who were lovely and chatting to the band (we got their autographs!!) and also being followed around the bar by a very strange bloke who wanted to keep buying all 5 of us drinks even after we said no! It was an awesome night and a good high for the girls to leave on.

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