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We arrived in Hervey bay with no more mishaps and chilled out in our hostel which was really clean but pretty big. We had a look round and did a little shopping for our trip to Fraser as there is not much on there you have to take all your food with you. We had a safety briefing and then a fairly early night in preperation for our trip.

We got up and sorted out our vans we were going to be taking, they had been packed up with the the camping equipment so we just had to load our stuff and food and then we headed off. We got the ferry over to the Island and then our fun began!

The island is the biggest sand island in the world and you need a 4wd to go there as the sand is pretty soft in lots of places. This makes driving hard and getting stuck VERY easy! We got off the ferry and headed to central station for our first stop it was only about 10k but took an hour and a half people would get bogged down and then everyone else would all pile out their cars to help push and dig you out! Lots of teamwork going on!

We looked around at Central Station and did another broadwalk and then we headed off to a lake so we could have a swim and have some lunch. We got to the lake without to much trouble only getting stuck once and then we headed for the water. The lake was amazing it was so clear and the sand was like Whitehaven beach, we frolicked in the water for a while then had some lunch. We were warned not to drive at night as you drive on the beach and if we got salt water on the car we would lose our bond. It gets dark around 5ish so we headed off early to find and set up camp for the night.

We found a lovely look spot just off the beach and we set up tents for the night, we made a fire and had some dinner. We were warned that dingos would be on the island and not to leave out food as they will eat anything left around. They also can get aggressive if fed so we were warned to try and stay away from them. With that in mind we were not to chuffed when one started hanging round our camp but it went eventually. We decided to go to the loo in pairs so one could dingo watch while the other peed! We werent staying on a camp site so we had to go back to nature it was interesting we tried not to think about all the wildlife - spiders, snakes and dingos that could get us we just peed fast!

It was a really fun evening we played cards and drinking games and then chatted to another group who had camped next to us who were on a different tour.

We got up early around 6.30ish the next morning packed up everything and headed to our next destination. Error! we didnt eat breakfast first and no one had their morning coffee! By the time we got up to Indian heads tempers were fraying and all was not good in the happy campers bus!

We stopped and had breakfast and restocked with ice for the coolboxes at the little shop on the island and then we headed to Champagne Pools. Everyone cheered up abit and we went for a little look round. The pools where brown and the sea looked pretty grim we decided not to brave the swim and i say it looked more like stout than champagne!

We headed back down the coast and and looked at the Maheno shipwreak and the coloured sands, which were all red and layered which was quite interesting.

We carried on and headed in land to Lake Allom where we saw littlw freshwater turtles they were so cute. We did attempt to swim but there was loads of marshes in the water and water looked a bit green so after a quick dip we headed out probably less clean than when we went in! We camped along the beach for the second night but we had a fairly quiet night and it started raining so we headed to bed.

The next morning eeryone was a lot more chirpy the smiles were back we had brakfast first (we learnt from our mistakes!) and then headed to Eli creek which was pretty but due to the drought we werent allowed to swim in the water. We then headed to Lake Macenzie which is the most amazing lake and its water was lush we swam and snorkelled there most of the day before heading back to the ferry to head back to the hostel.

Fraser Island was an amazing place but you needed longer there as everything takes ages to get to. We had a few drinks in the bar and chatted to the people who went on the trip at the same time as us in a diferent bus. Fun was had by all!!!

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