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Milly - the smallest camper ever!

90 Mile beach - after we got stuck...

90 Mile beach

Well, after both Angela and I working for a couple of months, we were ready for another break. Ha ha! So, we head off Monday morning to pick up our tiny little 'Sleepervan' so we can hit the road and see the rest of New Zealand. Now we knew the van would be small, but not quite this small!!! After the intial shock, we actually realised that it was really cool, and the perfect size for two short arses like us! It came fully equipped with a mini fitted kitchen and units, sink, onboard water, storage cupboards and storage space, chiller unit, CD player, solar power and a two litre petrol engine with automatic transmission!! Not bad for 21 pounds a day??! Anyway, we drove our little van back to the hostel, packed up everything, said our goodbyes then hit the road looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way. Now NZ isn't like driving around the uk, apart from being on the left side of the road. Once you are clear of the big cities, ALL the roads are single lane, and can get very twisty and turny, but the scenery is simply stunning. True Lord of The Rings material. Our first stop was a beach known as 90 mile beach, named so because, well, er, it's 90 miles long! It's also classed as a state highway which means you are allowed to drive along it nearly all the way to the top of the island. Cool we thought! So anyway, we get there at around 8.30 pm which was a bit of a shame as it was pitch black, but we figured we'd park on the beach and camp overnight, then head up north in the morning. So we started to drive out onto the beach, when the van suddenly decided it didn't like being in sand and started to slow down. Quickly looking for a harder patch of sand to turn it round on, I skillfully manoured 'Milly' (Angela named it!) into a nice big patch of..........even deeper sand, where we stopped instantly, and got stuck. Great we thought. We've been in the van for about 6 hours and it's already gone tits up! All the revving and wheel spinning in the world just made things worse, then we realised we had two little plastic beach spades with us and tries digging Milly out. You can imagine how effective that was?.......Like a choclate teapot, useless. We finally conceeded that we were well and truely stuck and walked up the beach to some nearby houses where we came across a houe with it's lights on. A young women answered the door, and after an embarrasing explanation, she turns round and shouts, "Marty, there's some more Pom's stuck on the beach mate!" After that we were told that this was a weekly event and felt a little less stupid. So anyway, Marty comes to the rescue in his big 4wd jeep and tows us to safety, then invites us in for tea and biscuits. Finally we retire to the van in the concreted picnic area by the beach, for our first night in Milly.........

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